What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation reduces your monthly balance by combining all of your credit card bills and loans into one single location. This will lower your interest rate and your monthly payments. However, it will not reduce your outstanding debt. Nevertheless, debt consolidation is still an extremely appealing option for debtors with considerable debt since it can stretch the payment period over a longer time frame.
Here is a scenario so you would better understand debt consolidation. For example, you have two credit cards and one personal loan which you are regularly paying per month. For the first credit card, you are paying $100 per month with a balance of $1,000. For the second credit card, your monthly balance is $50 and your outstanding balance is also $1,000. Your personal loan’s monthly balance is $80 and has an outstanding balance of $2,000. Your total monthly payment if lumped together is $230 and the total outstanding balance is $4,000.

From the above figures, you will see that the total monthly payment is difficult to handle especially for those who are struggling to make ends meet. If the total payment per month is reduced, it may possibly permit you to make extra payments. It will then reduce your debt a lot faster. This is where debt consolidation becomes helpful. Your credit card bills and loans will be lumped together into a single loan with a much lower interest rate. This will is an effective debt reduction technique since it lowers the monthly payment fee. The amount of time to pay off the loan will also be shorter. In five to ten years you might be able to completely pay off your debts. In the example above, the total amount is $4,000 with 11.5% interest rate which is payable over four years. The total monthly payment is $104.35 which means you save $125.25.

A lot of banks offer debt consolidation loans. In spite of this, not everyone is eligible for debt consolidation. Your eligibility depends on the trust that your bank places on you. This is many individuals prefer to take out their home equity loans to consolidate their debt. In general, if your credit rating is low or if it has been damaged greatly, it would be hard to be approved for a loan. If in case you have been approved for a loan, the interest rate would be unreasonable. An approach to getting a lower interest rate is to submit your home mortgage as collateral for payment of your loan. Bear in mind that you are putting your property at risk since they can take it if you do not pay your loan.

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Debt Consolidation Loans Bad Credit

To consolidate is to bring together or to make solid, to strengthen. Many times people take loans to meet urgent demands and are unable to pay them within the time limit. This becomes an added responsibility as not only is it a tension, but it also keeps increasing the sum amount to be paid back. As one becomes a heavy debtor, not only does he lose faith in oneself but also faces a loss of reputation in society. To bring back your lost confidence, the option of debit consolidation loans bad credit is the best.
This loan, which is of two types; secured and unsecured, is the easiest way out of such a nightmare. You can borrow money within high ranges, as the lender realizes that your debts can know no bounds. Not only that, you also have sufficient time to repay this money, starting from 6 months to 25 years. You are also given an extension if you apply for one, which only comes with an added rate of interest; though the time period provided to repay, is mostly sufficient.

This debt consolidation loans with bad credit has its own advantages and disadvantages. In secured type, the interest rate is lesser than unsecured type. But, you must to mortgage some land holdings with the lender as security. You must make sure that the value of the land must be in tune with the total amount borrowed. You must make sure to repay your loan within the time limit; otherwise your land holdings will be ceased.

In unsecured fund type, you need not mortgage any land holdings with the lender as security. Therefore, you must have an adequately paying job to repay you loan with no credit check in time. The interest rate is higher than secured type.

You can also apply online to receive these loans, by simply providing your credentials online, which on confirmation, will entitle you to the loan.…